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  • I don't want to believe it mate, about all that negative feedback. Your PM box is full, so I'm posting this here for you to read.

    I've not heard a peep that the Tales of Vesperia guide and Eternal Sonata faceplates ever reached you. Anyhow, the Ar tonelicos reached dv8mad, so when you do return, because I know you will, please don't forget to contact me bud. I've talked to you and I know that you're a good guy. How could a guy with such awesome tastes in games be a bad guy?

    Anyhow, I do believe our trade was for Star Ocean The Last Hope International (Brand New), Xenogears (Black Label & Like New), Lunar Silver Star Story Complete & Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete sets of all those goodies (Both Like New).

    Just refreshing your memory. Hope to hear back soon mate.
    hey, I see you javen't been on in a while, but would you be interested in my trade offer, or would you prefer the original trade offer?
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