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  • Inbox full, PM copy paste about HH LE trade:

    Hello, I'm very sorry, I forgot all about this PM :bomb:.

    It's in flawless condition. ( can take pics later)

    Also I have Kh3D and picked up Kid Icarus recently from BB.
    inbox is full

    Can you provide me with a list of 360 ds 3ds and ps3 games you have available i might be able to make this work as all of my comic shop orders came through and i now have 23 copies
    It's been more than a week. I kind of died but I'm back. I finally bought the Shadow of Death DLC for Darksiders II. Anyways, if you have any DLC(or anything you want to trade with me) Post on my Topic or send me a PM again. Thanks
    I currently have no DLC for Darksiders II, so I'm open to any offers, although i do kind of prefer the weapon/ armor packs. Thanks.
    Are you interested in Xbox points for Scribblenauts for the Wii u? I can offer you 3x1600 points cards for it

    Your PM inbox is full. I am interested in Scribblenauts Unlimited for Wii U. I will trade 3-4 older games form my list for it. Please CML and let me know either way. Hoping we can work out a deal!


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