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  • no room in your inbox man..here's what i wrote on my pm..
    hi there..

    i want one of those xbox live codes, but since i live in a paypal-band country..i can only pay in amazon giftcards

    get back to me if it's ok with you..

    Hi. I can accept Amazon but i will need a little more than $35 because i do not consider Amazon equivalent to cash. If you would be willing to trade for a $38.50 Amazon GC, just let me know

    i think i will take one of those codes..$38.50 seems odd (why so specific? :D) but it's ok..will charge my Debt card and get back to you..
    I offer the Infamous 2 sniper blast dlc and the GT5 Camaro SS Edge Special dlc for your Infamous 2 subway dlc
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