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  • Hi hotrocks. I had a problem with Prizerebel so i hope you can help me!.

    I recently started on the site, and i reached the 20 points that i needed to buy a 1600 MSPoints Card, so i claimed it. But this morning i received a mail telling that my prize was denied, and then my account was disabled, because i violated the Terms of Service. I don't know why i got banned, because i read the ToS, and i didn't used multiple accounts. The worst thing is that now, that i got banned i can't send them messages from the page, so i just can send them mails. They still answer them??? Any ideas, or something i can do???

    Do you know that if i create a new account i will be banned??? or not???

    And the last question, do you recommend me to create a new account?, or to wait for an answer from them??
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