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  • hello there do you still have the shredder dlc?
    If you do is for xbox 360??

    I have some other dlc i can trade you for xbox or ps3 codes

    fear and mk online pass

    saints row the third initiation station

    tamerican Mcgee's Alice code you need the new game to play the free one


    battlefield 2 ultimate edition with and extra online mode and free battle fiel 1943

    crysis limited edition

    and medal of honor online code
    actually, you drop your blue stone eye in front of yuria's tower ok? i forgot i was the one who hadn't beaten 1-3 lol
    i'd need just the foe's ring, a greystone weapon, a mercurystone weaopn, suckerstone wep, marrowstone wep, and a faintstone wep. id give it all back obviously after the trophy popped up. ill set my stone down in 1-3 right in front of yuria's tower ok?
    hey bro, im on right now. i dont even know your psn account, but mine is irhari. my chars name is Scarto, i forget what your guys name was. anyway, hope you got my last PM, i think the wall is a faster way to communicate. post on my wall if youve got a plan for how to do this.
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