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  • im posting my message here because i dont feel like risking retyping it later...

    Is it safe to assume that the shipping wasn't free? ;)

    It would've been $25 after shipping and tax. Plus I bet mine is in better condition (if you care about that sort of thing, mine is like new).

    Offer: TRU $10.xx GC (forgot the cents lol) + Dark Souls + $5 Amazon

    or (if you are interested)...

    Dark Souls + Guide Book (hardcover, very good condition)

    I would offer the gift card with the guide+game offer, but the book would raise the shipping price a lot.

    If either of these offers appeals to you, let me know. Feel free to shoot back another counteroffer - or pick out anything on Amazon.com you want (so I can use my credit:hot:).

    I also assume you weren't interested in any of the DS games? Actually that gives me a good idea for offer #3.

    Offer #3: Dark Souls + Final Fantasy 4HOL (DS, new) + $10 Toys GC.

    Sorry for typing so much lool
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