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  • Someone explain to me why do I keep on piling up the backlog when I barely have time to play it....#CAGLife
    SoM was the only loot from this BF
    Yeah I had an extra 2tb external so I just hooked that up to my X1 and shouldn't have to worry for a while!

    And actually I have chosen to go all digital with my X1 for the backlog reason actually. Since I can't sell those copies and they are usually more expensive slightly than their retail counterparts, I have to be very sure of every purchase I make!

    First off my controllers were all messed up and so I have been using the one controller as my primary al...
    So yesterday I played BF3 again with some friends this time. They had to join me in one of the "normal" servers since I don't have the "Premium" or any of the DLC. I had a blast, but to be honest I don't feel like spending $50 more to get all the DLC for a game that as my friends put it "freezes once every week or more than once in a day". It froze on me two times last week, so am I right to feel like dropping more money on something that might or might not work does not seem like the right idea?

    Rant Over!
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