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  • Oh I forgot to tell you, but you should move to Nova Scotia, I work with two TG 16 fanatics. I was telling them about the 8 person bomberman, and they are jealous, since we have only been able to play 4 person during lunch. Also, thanks for the donation for the polar bear plunge, you did not even have to be persuaded by my brilliantly written letter, were I wrote "Come On" several times in different font sizes. I have to be honest, it seems to be an effective campaign. :)

    Thanks again
    I don't play them all that often anymore, but I've got a Duo with many US and Japanese games. If you like old school games and early CD based games that don't have terrible FMV, this is a great place to start!
    Hello, I take it you are into the TG16? I am a bit myself. Are you into the Duo and PC Engine games as well?
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