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  • I am seasoned video game trader with just over 4 years at under my belt. With 178 trades and 99.6% feedback, I took game trading very seriously. I'm new to CheapAssGamer, so bear with me as I learn the workings of a far more complex site.

    Don't take anything I say personally, as we are all just joking around when it comes to forums, chat, and anything of the nature. There will inevitably be people who get severely butthurt over things people on the internet have to say, but you seem like a cool group of people. Some people I dealt with in the past couldn't get out of their tiny worlds, and took everything posted on the web 100% serious, or a personal attack against them. Like I said, I (like most of you) am just joking around, so don't think it anything more than joking banter or just plain joking.

    Well, that's about it. I hope to start trading with some of you guys pretty soon.
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