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  • I don't know. Its been such a long time since I've gotten frustrated to the point or swearing, trying to stop all together (kids do that), but who knows a night of Halo 3 just might do that to me. Might have to look into Unreal 3.
    Look out, it A Cripsy Donut. Damnit guys, we've got to get a game of something going some time soon. Its been a long time since we've gone through the motions and me screaming bullshit as I die.
    Usually the first episode of 24 doesn't really kick in yet. Once you watch like about 8 hours, you'll be into it.
    A market/deli that specializes in chicken.

    All of my customers are as hillbilly as it gets.
    Yeah, yeah... I was just thinking about those days... maybe we can relive them when Gears 2 comes out?
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