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  • hey dude so i send you the msp for the cold war game. what is happening? it's been 2 days since i have any response

    i have check the codes and they are showing as now being used. so you did receive them and use them. i'm waiting for you to send me the code and finish the deal
    Unfortunately you have turned off pms, So I will have to make an offer here but whatever your answer might be, please do inform me via PM.

    I had a few offers:

    1.Mass Effect 3 "From Ashes" DLC for 300 MSP
    2.Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Network for 200 MSP
    3.Trials Evolution for 300 MSP
    4.Mrs.Splosion Man for 300 MSP

    Please do Reply, Hopefully we will be able to conjure a deal
    can't pm you, what did you want for Trials Evolution, Saints Row Season Pass, Mothership Zeta, each item separately

    The 200 MSP contest is still on
    Alright,To ANyone WILLING TO trade a male mw3 american special forces outfit for my fruit ninja kinect plese pm me
    Ill trade My Fruit Ninja Kinect code,Dance central 2 export code,A Female master chief avatar costume, and a 48 hour trial for an American special forces outfit for male avatar,or a male battlefield 3 Recon class avatar outfit,or ill trade for 400-800 msp. If interested Please PM me.
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