$100 PSN credit for $85 on Rakuten with coupon code ANT15

This a nice way to help counter the fact that starting today Illinois people have to pay sales tax on PSN purchases. Also nice timing since my PlayStation credit card from Capital One is suddenly being switched over to Comenity Bank, so who knows if it'll earn Sony Rewards points at 10-12% anymore. Thanks OP.
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Unfortunately, ANT15 code appears to no longer work; just tried it now. Bummed I missed it.
They changed the code once (what I mean is the deal was going on for two days before I posted, with a different code). So I wonder if they might have changed it again. Worth trying the code SAVE15 to see if they changed it back the original.
It's dead.  Now the general code is 15% off food (FOOD15).

I would have been on board if it were for $50, but $100 is way too much considering how absolutely rubbish the PSN sales have been for all of 2019.  When it comes time for Sony to ask which publisher would like to have their games on sale this week, they need to implement a rule that the game has to be cheaper than, or at the VERY least the same price, it was on sale for in the past.

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