2014 Thrift Store Thread - Post your finds here!

Actually found something Nintendo related at the local Goodwill......on half off media day at that! Usually what I saw today wouldve been straight to ShopGoodwill. Im digging through bins and find a sports N64 game, get intrigued and pay more attention as I dig now. Find another sports game....eventually I find my 2 games and no others. A lady says to me "hun is this the player for your games?" It was but I looked at it and said "Pssssh $30? They use to sell these for $10-$15, now they put most of this stuff on the internet." She says "you mean like Ebay?". "kind of, they have their own auction website". Then she gave me like the most confused "wtf" look Ive seen in along time! I said "yup......plus that doesnt even have the controllers with it."

Anyways I got these for $3 and change after the 50% off. 

While I know its not specifically gaming related, anybody else enjoy finding classic 70's and 80's boomboxes at thrift stores. Something about these things intrigues me and I pretty much buy any of them that work and are under $10. Here are my last 2, the Toshiba cost me $4.99 and is one of the models where the speakers detach, and it has a phono amp in it.

The LXI is a Sears model and it cost me $2.98. Favorite thing with this one is how the antenna actually folds into the boombox and it has the LED meter that goes with the sound output. Both are a bit beat up but I honestly enjoy fixing these things up, plus quite a few of them bring some big money, I posted a few months ago about a Magnavox model I found complete in box, bought it for $7.99 and sold it for $99. In the end I kinda wish I kept it, but I think I may start collecting these on the side, something fun about seeing how gungho a lot of these companies went to compete in the boombox field.




I like your boomboxes and the prices even more. Would totally jump on them at those prices. Have never seen them in any thrift I've been at in the last couple years. The problem with them is like most people I got rid of my cassette tapes long ago.
I like your boomboxes and the prices even more. Would totally jump on them at those prices. Have never seen them in any thrift I've been at in the last couple years. The problem with them is like most people I got rid of my cassette tapes long ago.
A lot of them have aux jacks on them. The Toshiba does for sure and we have pretty good FM support around here being next to the Canadian border so the support is quite decent in that sense.

Managed to grab these on half off media day, all either new or unsealed like new:

WWE 2K15 Xbox One $20
NBA 2K15 Xbox One $15
Mario Kart 7 3DS $10
NSMB 2 3DS $7.50

These games were from Target but the cashier told me they would be half off as well. I'm not sure if they were supposed to be but happy regardless.
Finally, after many months, my video game drought has ended!  I wasn't going to stop in today, but I am damn happy that I did.

Picked these up for 1.99 each:


Found this bag sitting on the shelf, stuffed with random goodies, for 3.99:


And picked up this 6" Kindle Touch for my fiance for $20:


I can't believe how much Smash Bros is going for these days.  I stand to double the money I spent today just by selling that.

So I had a pretty awesome day:

First stop was savers where they had a bunch of boxed Atari 7800 games. The common names (Donkey Kong, Pac Man) were stupid overpriced (14.99, 19.99, etc) but they had Food Fight for $6.99. I've been wanting that for awhile so I grabbed it.

Then went over to a Goodwill and found:

Star Wars KOTOR 2 (Xbox) $2.99

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Xbox) $2.99

Worms Armageddon (GBC): $3.99

Stopped at a Pawn Shop down the road and found:

Phantom Dust (Xbox) $00.99

The Warriors (Xbox): $1.25

Pirates of the Caribbean (Xbox): $1.99

Wings of War (Xbox): $1.99

Ace Combat Zero (PS2): $2.99

Ys Mark of Napishtim (PSP): $6.99

Went to a nearby Half Price Books and with their 20% off sale got:

Ristar (Genesis): $11.99

Phantom Crash (Xbox): $4.79

Finally stopped by a game store nearby and spent a bit more than I like to, but I've been wanting this for awhile and its about what it goes for, maybe slightly less than one in this nice of condition usually is:

Castlevania Legacy of Darkness (N64): $28.99

Not a bad day in all, 8 new games for me and the dups on Phantom Dust, The Warriors and the Star Wars games will more or less make me my money back. I'll sell my PS2 Warriors sine it goes for more and keep my Xbox copy since I prefer to have multiconsole games that gen on Xbox anyway. I'll post pictures tomorrow if I get a chance.

Saw such awesome deals today........$20 PS1s, $30 PS2 (controllers sold separately of course), and 2 $60 Wiis........someone also bought the $30 N64 with no controllers and the 2 sports games I left the other day. 


There's the picture from yesterday as promised. Also included the things I grabbed Monday which I forgot to post:

Got a new PS2 memory card for $1.99 at a Goodwill.

At a different Half Price Books I got Kid Chameleon CB (no manual) for $3.99 (with 20% discount) and Arkanoid Doh it Again CIB for $7.99 (also after 20% discount). Got Onimusha Dawn of Dreams for $11.99 and Shepherd's Crossing for $5.99 (mainly grabbed this one because I had never heard of it and that never happens to me, ha ha)

The Steel Battalion controller just happened to be on the table, haha.

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No games, but the CD's dropped to $0.49 at my local Salvation Army. Picked up the Beastie Boys' "Ill Communication" and "The In Sound From Way Out!"

I snagged a PS2 slim and California Speed N64 at Goodwill for a little over $6.  The PS2 did not have a controller, but it had a Sony 8MB cord and a Guitar Hero wireless guitar dongle.  Which I sold on Ebay for $12!!!

Went to my normal couple of thrift stores on Saturday and managed to find AC: Brotherhood for PS3 for $2. Not super exciting, but I could do worse.

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