3DS, Wii U, Wii, XB1, 360, and PS3 games, SNES Classic, Blu-Ray Sets, & Collector's Figures - All End Sunday 11/24



:3ds: Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (Sealed)

:3ds: Kirby Planet Robobot (CIB)

:3ds: 3DS Six Game Lot (All Sealed):

Animal Crossing New Leaf (Nintendo Selects)

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Nintendo Selects)

Starfox 64 3D (Nintendo Selects)

New Super Mario Bros. 2

:wiiu: Paper Mario Color Splash (Sealed)

:wiiu: Game & Wario (Used)

:wii: PokePark & PokePark 2 Set

:xb1: Fade To Slience (Sealed)

:xb1: Borderlands Game Of The Year 4K Remaster (Sealed)

:xb1: Just Dance 2019 (Sealed)

:xb1: Paw Patrol On A Roll (CIB)

:xb1: :360: Silent Hill Downpour (CIB)

:360: Spider-Man: Edge of Time

SNES Classic w/ Controller Extension Cables

:switch: Sine Mora Ex (Sealed)

:ps3: NBA 2K18 (Sealed)

:ps3: Persona 5 (Sealed)

:ps3: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Used)

:psp: Dragonball Z Shin Budokai: Another Road (CIB)

:br: Star Wars Rebels Seasons 1 - 4 (Complete Series) w/ The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions

:br: MCU Complete Phase 1 - 2: The First 14 Movies of the MCU

:br: The Prisoner (1967) The Complete Series - Long OOP and Rare

Lot of Six NECA Ultimate Edition Figures (Sealed):

Child's Play - Ultimate Chucky
Halloween (2018) - Ultimate Michael Myers (Original Release)
Halloween 2 (1981) - Ultimate Michael Myers
IT (2017) Ultimate Pennywise - Exclusive Bloody "I Love Derry" Gamestop Edition
IT (2017) Ultimate Pennywise (Original Release)
IT (1990) Ultimate Pennywise (Original Release)
Mattel WWE Retro Series 4 Ric Flair (Sealed)

Marvel Legends MCU: The First 10 Years Series Set:

Iron Man Mark VII (The Avengers) - Sealed

Thor and Lady Sif Set (Thor The Dark World) - Sealed

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