$60 Oculus Credit via Referral is BACK! For both people now! (US Region)


Well, that didn't take long for this promotion to come back! This a really great promotion (and even better now), and it lasts through the end of the month, ending 12/31! Perfect for anyone getting a Quest 2 for the holidays!

My link is: https://www.oculus.com/referrals/link/th3h1ttmann/

How referrals work:
Before you activate your headset, you need to accept a referral. For these US based referrals using a direct link, you do NOT need to be Facebook friends. Just click the link, accept the invite, then when you activate your quest, enjoy your $60 of credit! You can accept at any time before you activate.

Already activated your headset but didn't know about referrals?
That's okay! You can still take advantage of this offer.
If you have already activated your Quest, but never used a referral, you can delete it from your account here https://secure.oculus.com/my/devices/ (Delete Device Data), then factory reset your Quest 2. You can then click a referral link and go through setup again on your Quest. It is a bit of a hassle if you have a lot on your device, but $60 is $60. Cloud backups were just rolled out as well, so you can double check you saves are backed up, making this less painful.

Others wanting referrals, please post your referral link again in here!
People looking for referrals, show some love to everyone that posts. Pick a random person's link, or start a train! Let's all take advantage of this while we can! :)

Note: $600 is the max a user can get in referrals per month, so this is a good note that if a link isn't letting you accept, this could be a reason. Try another person's if so. I am not certain on this as I haven't seen it cap before but wanted to bring it up as something that could happen easier now!

Official Terms and Conditions: https://secure.oculus.com/my/referrals/

Take advantage of 2 holiday promotions for referring friends between 12/9 and 12/31! ONE: Any friend who buys Quest 2 using your referral gets you both $60 in Oculus Store credit, for up to $600 per month. TWO: Each referral you send that a friend accepts enters you for a chance to win weekly prizes including $10,000 in store credit (that's a year's worth of free games!).
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Throwing my reference code out also. Hopefully someone can use it.

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