A skit starring me, please tell me what you think

Your voice is pleasing to listen to.
I couldn't really relate to any of your material so I didn't find it that funny.
You look the part.

Mmm delicious compliment sandwich.
You are funnier than Dane Cook and Jeff Dunham, which is another way of saying, that you are funnier than an abortion, but not by much.

I do, however, like your shirt.
I'm guessing this was done for a TV production class. Obviously, there's stuff you could do in post-production to make it better (a laugh track is the biggest thing jumping out at me), but knowing what you probably had to work with, I'm sure you did the best you could. Your monologue is really funny, but with no audience response, it comes off like you're just performing for yourself (I know there were a few stray voices in there, but you know what I'm saying). If you want to use this in a portfolio or even just to continue to show people, consider adding that in.

The writing was a little uneven. There were some parts I wished went on longer, and some parts I wished were shorter or eliminated entirely. Your "Whatever I can buy for you...within my means" bit was really good. I wished it went into greater depth though, and had you talking about "Girl, anything on the $0.99 menu, you can have it. Baby, you want a hamburger? Make it a cheeseburger. I got this!" Conversely, the part about Wikipedia went on a little long, and the part about your parents was a little awkward.

Your Gremlins joke about the dogs was really funny. Doing dated material is always tough though because as absurd as it may seem, there were probably some people in your own class who had no idea what you were talking about. I liked it, and always appreciate nostalgic references (the treasure troll dog was another one), but they can be hit or miss.

One last point, and I'm being really nitpicky on this one, but maybe it'll help you down the road. The New Kids story is old news. If you're going to discuss current events, keep them current. Going from more recent economy trends to talking about a story from a year ago made your topics feel kinda all over the place. I hope none of that was too harsh. Just trying to offer some things to think about. Overall though, it was done well and it was entertaining. Definitely something to build off of! :)
"If Beyonce really was a boy, she'd be a pretty-ass boy that looks like Beyonce."

That was awesome.

I have to go to work, so that's as far as I got, but from what I saw/heard, I can certainly imagine your voice on the radio someday. You need to move around a bit more, though. Just skipping through I can see your body facing the left half of the screen the whole time. Nothing terrible but it looks sort of awkward. I'll watch more when I get back.
There are a couple of production issues, which you can probably bring to your production team, like the rule of thirds. You shouldn't be having your head cut off.

Also, sound guy needs to like, test the mic levels before you start recording.
"Whatever I can buy for you lady within my means" :D

Better than I was expecting. Camera work needs improving. The top of your head is cut off during the whole video.
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