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I was just curious as to how many people here haven't forgotten about that, or how it's been completely swept under the rug?

With new videos surfacing seemingly every day, Americans were beginning to unite against police brutality. Race didn't matter so much as rights being completely stripped away as power was abused.

If you're like me, you were outraged. Not because Al Sharpton told you to be, but because that could happen to you and your family could be the ones planning a funeral while a crooked cop goes away on vacation and is never held responsible for the crimes he committed. For the first time in a long time, it didn't matter what color you were, or what your sexual preference was, we were all in agreement that this needed to come to an end.

I'm not saying this Charleston church shooting was staged or completely bogus like the aforementioned Sandy Hook "tragedy", what I'm saying is it's awfully convenient timing for Congress to act on issues like a racist flag coming down and a gay one going up, only to stir up race and sexual preference wars in this Country once again.

Nothing like taking advantage of a situation to throw the wool over the sheep's eyes. Or maybe I'm the only one that sees all of this as one big diversionary tactic from the REAL issues in this Country.
I don't consider myself a conspiracy theorist. Like I said I'm a thinker. I won't place judgment on others for having opinions or coming to conclusions based on concrete facts, especially under suspicious circumstance.

Watch the video, they don't force any of their opinions on you. They just lay out the evidence and lack thereof, for people to make their own assumptions as to what happened that day.

My uncle used to tell me, "If you knew half of what the government was keeping from you, you'd shit yourself." There's no denying this Country feeds off, and was built on corruption. If they can fake a school shooting to push a gun control agenda and then get everyone to forget about it less than 3 years later, they can do pretty much anything.

Like Eddie Griffin says, "Think! It ain't illegal yet!"
I'm already generally familiar with the claims.  Don't buy into them but am generally familiar.

No interest in debating it -- used to do that with the Loose Change fanatics but I'm older and wiser now.

I don't think people understand the extreme difficulty it would take to pull of any sort of hoax like this. 9/11 conspiracy theorists amuse the hell out of me, as if you could keep hundreds or more then likely thousands of people to stick to a script... and/or kill every single one afterwards. All of you "thinkers" for as smart and "aware" as you claim to be must have forgotten how easy it is to whistle blow and the ENORMOUS online medium their is do it.

But good for you for being passionate about something.

The Sandy Hook thing is even less compelling as a conspiracy theory because it was supposedly in order to advance gun control.  But zero action was taken on gun control following the tragedy.  So apparently federal, state and local authorities can conspire to fake the death of twenty children in a national event but can't manage to pass even a minor tweak to gun laws.  At least with 9/11 nuts, you had people saying it was all an inside job so we'd go to war for oil or something and we did actually go to war so someone not tuned in could say "Yeah, okay..."

You say zero action was taken, yet nearly every "parent" of the alleged victims joined gun control lobbyists and pushed for it hard for months after the shooting.

So many facts have surfaced since then. Most of the parents are indeed actors or had some type of entertainment background.

As far as 9/11 goes, something has always been wrong about that. Towers don't completely fall down from impact and fires 3/4 of the way up.

I was expecting at least one other person to say something along the lines of, "Sandy Hook? Yeah that was complete BS." Maybe I'm the only one crazy enough to believe that shit, or maybe the only one crazy enough to stick my middle finger up to the government when they BS us.
By the way Syntax, it's now illegal in CT for the public to have access to any records or information regarding homicides within the state. This was pushed by the Sandy Hook parents and passed, not unanimously by the way.

So think about that for a second... if someone you know and love is murdered in CT you get no information whatsoever besides what the cops tell you. No autopsy, no evidence, no photos, nothing.
I wonder why none of the families of the victims of Columbine did that? Or why Columbine hasn't been torn down like Sandy Hook was? Probably because Columbine actually happened, those parents spent their time grieving, and the world knows there's nothing you can do about 2 psychos armed for a Call of Duty campaign.
I wonder why none of the families of the victims of Columbine did that? Or why Columbine hasn't been torn down like Sandy Hook was? Probably because Columbine actually happened, those parents spent their time grieving, and the world knows there's nothing you can do about 2 psychos armed for a Call of Duty campaign.
Except they did tear down and rebuild sections of Columbine, so...
Sections, mainly the library, were renovated yes. But to tear down the entire school is a bit extreme. And the Lanza home as well?

It's not surprising though, since there's already no evidence that he was ever even at the school. Why not destroy the trail of breadcrumbs that might lead to the public finding out Sandy Hook was a drill that took place in a school that had been closed for years?
The hallmark of a shitty conspiracy theory is that it relies on a bunch of conjecture and "How come this person didn't act exactly the way I think they should have?!" rather than any positive evidence (i.e. "This guy says he created Lanza's birth certificate and has the pay stub to prove it!")

Why make Columbine the benchmark for how every community should act?  Hey, maybe Columbine was fake because they didn't demolish the whole building like Sandy Hook did!

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Watch that 3 hour documentary Syntax. If you still think the idea of conspiracy is farfetched more power to you. Sandy Hook goes a little deeper than "This person acted strange on camera so this is fake." There's at least 15-20 CONCRETE facts listed in said video that have nothing to do with human behavior.
Watch "We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook - Full Video in Higher Quality" on YouTube

The comments alone speak volumes. You're an intelligent person Syntax, if you get the time to watch and want to discuss some of what you've heard or seen I'll be here. If you can debunk every aspect that they cover I'll receive it with open ears. All I'm asking for is someone to engage me.
There's already multiple websites debunking it and better than I could since I'm not about to spend my time chasing news reports, town hall meeting transcripts or land use documents from two years ago.

I recently started a 4 hour debunking podcast. Like I said I have an open mind, hopefully this will answer some of my questions.
Honestly, a lot of the debunking videos are just doing what they accuse the journalists in that documentary of doing, speculating.
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