ANIME FANS: Season 1 of Various Funimation Anime Titles Free On Microsoft Store

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Thanks OP. I wonder how much free anime Microsoft is going to give away for their anime month. By the way, the first season of Fairy Tail is FREE too, just go to the free Xbox marketplace thread for the link.
Black Butler appears to be gone. I don't mean it's not free anymore. I mean it's not in the store anymore. Very weird. But thanks for keeping us updated on these. Very cool stuff.

I noticed Xbox Rewards is offering credits back for buying some Anime.  I wonder even if the price is zero if you'll get something back.  I'll be downloading for the heck of it.  Thanks.

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I edited both FMA links out of the OP so nobody gets misled anymore.

Thanks to everyone who helped/helps contribute to this thread. Free Anime is a goal we can all get behind.

Thanks for finding these! I stumbled over some of them on my own, before finding this thread, but now there's even more to watch :)
Can't find the answer online, but how do you change the dub from Japanese to English? I'm watching the free rental of Ghost in the Shell: Arise 03.
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