Anime Series Blu Rays and Dvds Nendoroids and Figmas list below

Feel free to throw offers as well

Puella Magi Madoka Magica vol1-$28
Squid girl complete series(autographed by the main voice cast)-$80
Persona 4 vol 1/2- $60
Engaged to the unidentified -$25
Attack on Titan vol 1/2-$45
Mikunopolis concert Bluray-$50
Claymore complete series-$40
Kill la kill vol 1 limited edition-$70
Good luck girl-$30
Sailor moon complete first series limited edition-$90
Robotic notes vol 1 limited edition-$20
Baka test complete first season-$20
K-on vol 1-4 (volumes 1 and 2 signed by the full cast and director) complete set $100 ask about seperate volumes
Madoka Magica Movie 1 and 2-$50
Soul eater complete series-$35
A certain scientific railgun complete series limited edition-$45
Yuru yuri season 2 premium edition-$40
Love Chunibyo and other delusions collectors edition Sealed-$90
Nendoroids and figmas (please note not all figures are for sale)
Nendoroid Yukiko amagi persona 4-$30
Nendoroid Mami tomoe-$40
Nendoroid Sayaki Miki-$26
Nendoroid Meiko vocaloid-$24
Nendoroid Hatsune miku-$30
Nendoroid Black rock shooter(not tv version)-$70
Figma Konata Izumi lucky star(haruhi cosplay edition)-$25
Figma persona 3 aigis-$30
Kill la kill satsuki and ryouko Double sided couch pillow/cushion $20
Any questions feel free to ask some things could be negotiable
























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