Anyone experiencing a lot of deadbeat sellers on eBay?


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In the past 3 months, I've had 3 auctions where I win something and pay for it and then the seller disappears. They don't respond to messages, they don't respond to eBay disputes. In one instance they prepared a label but never gave the item to FedEx. Obviously not a huge deal since eBay gives the money back but it's frustrating that I have to be without that money for 2-3 weeks. 

First occasion was a newer seller with 4 feedback (but 100% seller rating) so that wasn't as surprising but the most recent ones are from seller with hundreds of feedback/95%+ rating. 

Normally wouldn't be too upset over it but all 3 were decent (not great) deals so definitely a possibility that they just don't want to sell it. But on the latter two, I'm sure they know a negative is coming/hurt their ratings for what were slightly less than  

I wouldn't say a lot, but compared to before, it does seem to be more common than before.

Once eBay made it clear feedback is meaningless from the sellers' perspective, some sellers just don't care anymore.

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eBay has made it way too simple for the sellers to dip out on a deal without the repercussions of bad feedback, sellers back out of auction listings they don’t like the turnout on often nowadays as well….
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