Anyone into MMORPGs?


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There's Crowfall that seems promising in terms of large-scale battles, city building and crafting. I haven't played much to it but the videos I've seen look good. It's a medieval PvP MMORPG but with a twist: there are many strategic elements embedded in the game. That's why it's described as Game of Thrones meets EVE Online (if someone doesn't know EVE, it's a spaceship simulator with LOT of strategy features). Cheers

I've been playing Star Trek Online for years. I still enjoy it.
I haven't played nor watched videos about Star Trek Online, so I had no idea what it was like. I just checked a video and it seems interesting. At least the gameplay isn't only in space (I've some troubles with space only MMOs, I prefer verdant environment).

Crowfall is still in Closed Beta, and although there aren't so many active players, there are so cool fight pretty much every day (sieges and skirmishes).

Gruesome elements, however, are still in the game such as decapathons, grave digging and sacrifices to the gods.

I used to be hooked on RuneScape for a while. I know the in-joke for it is that you never really quit RS, but I finally have. Haven't logged in to the game in many years now, I find it so boring now lol.

Other than that, I've never played WoW, or any other MMO that I can remember right off the bat. If I'm gonna play online, I usually stick to fighting games, or play the rare game of CoD on PC.

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