Apple Opposes the "Right to Repair"


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The Huffington Post reports on Apple's efforts to stymie laws against repairing your iPod, trying to make sure they're the only company fixing these products. This is despite the fact that the company charges an astronomical amount for repairs, and like that old notion of the company and their computers, you might as well buy a new one. Some people are definitely against Apple's practices, especially when it can clearly generate lots of e-waste.

"Right to Repair" bills are being considered in a few states, and if you visited ifixit in the past year, you may have noticed their desire to have you support this bill. Generally, it's you break a thing you own, you should be able to fix it. But tech companies have made it increasingly harder for repairmen and hobbyists to do so, especially if you've seen how unnecessarily tiny things can be.

I don't own any Apple products for reasons like this.

They are a horrible company who abuses their hold on technology.

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