Are most 3rd party games bought on Xbox One?


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Last gen I bought most games like COD for 360 because I felt it had the widest audience for multiplayer games. Not only that but even thread activity on CAG was busier for the 360. But for this gen I can't tell since PS4 is outselling the One.

For games like COD or Destiny, does the PS4 have more players online than the One? I have both systems so I can't decide.
I go by who in going to play with online which is mostly X1. I'm getting unity on ps4 to play with some people on it. Would say like last gen ps4 will be pretty much my first party system not much 3rd party.
Well if you go by "the chartz" the PS4 is beating the X1 12.4 vs 6.2 esentially doubling the sales. We don't know much the X1 price cut will effect the install base, but I believe the X1 will catch up.

However, you must factor in the US install base as a majority of your MP games will be played against North America. In the US I believe It's a much closer battle with the PS4 leading by 1.5million? (could be wrong there).  I don't know how COD did at launch but I read the Destiny numbers were very, very , very close and the only reason PS4 had a slight edge was because of the white destiny bundles. Perhaps 5% more or so from what I read on Neogaf. Perhaps this due to the pro Bungie fanbase of the X1 or because of what you said, MP gmaes on X1? I don't know.

I think in the US online population should be neck and neck, but World Wide the PS4 will have the edge.

I go where my friends go. Almost all of my friends went X1, or X1 with PS4. Very few did the switchover to the PS4, they were already invested in the XBox eco system in terms of the friendslist, achievements, etc. and didn't want to start over per say. System loyalty is pretty rare these days (look at Wii vs Wii U sales lol) but it seems like Microsoft's big push for online has helped the X1 in that sense. I would say the PS4 would probably be outselling the X1 4:1 if it weren't for their online and now aggressive price cuts. It's going to be really interesting to see how the X1 sells in November and December.

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I have both and it seems like the vast majority of people that I play with own a PS4. So I buy most of my third party games on the PS4, I still have a handful of friends on Xbox One as well though. One of the biggest factors for me choosing PS4 for my third party games though is that I simply like the controller better. 

I have both systems but I find I almost never use my PS4. This has to do with my friends tho. I only know one person who solely went ps4. All of my friends ended up buying X1. So far I've bought all my third party titles on X1 because that's what my friends play.
I've bought all 3rd party on PS4 thus far unless it's a local only game.  I just have more friends on Ps4 but I could see that changing very soon.  Plus, supposedly many games run better on PS4 but I haven't seen it realistically make a difference in anything I've played.

Last gen, third party I went to 360 for most since those versions ran better.  However, I usually found CAGalicious deals for PS3 games and the exclusives were solid.

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