Be Wary of Your 401(k) Plans


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Some of you CAGs may have these plans already, but does one actually pay attention to the terms and conditions of their 401(k)s? I just listened to a story about how compounded fees and interests are eating away at these retirement savings, and basically it says that companies will misrepresent how much will be taken out of these plans. 2% may seem like nothing, but it does add up over time.

I guess, invest in a better mattress?

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All of this information has to be disclosed.  yes educate yourself...all funds have different expense ratios.  If you are concerned about it then check all the funds in your account.

But honestly...the #1 factor that determines how much you will have in the end is the amount of money you actually put into it.  The fees are something to be concerned about but don't let that scare you away from investing.

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