Best Buy Gamers Club....The Great Loss of 2018!

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Well, technically this is a deal, although an expired one for most.....I would like to take this time to pay homage to the Best Buy Gamers Club GREAT LOSS of 2018. Like a hoser, I did not renew mine early, and it expired back in November... of course not knowing they were going to discontinue but still I should’ve paid ahead, so I’m going to celebrate with Super Mario Brothers Wii U Ultimate Edition as one of my last great 20% off deals.

I’m sure many of you will miss this as a bargaining chip to buy more games. Unfortunately, I will probably not be buying as many going forward until they get on the cheap rack, (always a back lob anyhow), so I hope the Best Buy people are reading this forum and are paying attention. At the minimum, they should treat the Elite Members with a little bit more ambiguity, and maybe at least give those a chance to buy back in just two more years!

Thanks for the service, no thanks for killin it but I’m sure a bean pusher had a reason??

What are your last great deals? .....and how long will you be lucky enough to enjoy the club until your demise?
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I'd assume it was because Nintendo and Rockstar were bullying them into oblivion.

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