Best Game Trading Website 2012

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I've been on GTZ & CAG the same amount of time & check them both regularly. But have 30+ trades on GTZ where I haven't gotten any trades at all here. :|
Sent out about a dozen trade offers, then realized most of those members hadn't been on in a year. :|
GTZ is a whole lot simpler & quicker in navigating around when adding/removing games, or sending & negotiating offers. Ease of use.
I want to like CAG more, but GTZ has done me well the past few years.
Couple years ago I would be proud to say but last year it just all fell apart. They finally patched up there service but its to little to late, like everyone else so many points are sitting there and will never get used.
GameTZ. I like their system. CAG would have my vote, but sometimes I get confused when trying to work the marketplace.
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