Best of Indie Bundle II (PC) $25 at Direct2Drive

Nice I wonder if the ECA codes can be used as well for an extra 15% discount

Hmm code is no longer valid, WTF ECA, get you're shit together !!
All but the last two are pretty well known.

Annoyingly, I just bought AaaaAaetc! (excellent game) and have been waiting for Crayon Physics. I also have iFluid and AYIM (both also very good).
Hmm, buy now or wait for Steam x-mas sale. I think I'll wait.

Cheapy when you gonna get that PC built? Hop on the PC bandwagon there is plenty of room.

Current Steam Prices

Crayon Physics Deluxe $20
Aquaria $20
Aaaaaa! N/A
I-Fluid $10
And Yet it Moves $10
Project Aftermath $10
Acceleration of Suguri N/A
[quote name='Warlock82']Has anyone played any of these? I haven't heard of a single title on that list before...[/QUOTE]

I've never played any of them before, mostly because they would probably make my aging computer seizure, but I know that Aquaria has won a ton of awards. Crayon Physics was also extremely popular on the iTunes app store for a time, and I've heard nothing but good things about Aaaetc! (as Bullwinkle so aptly put it).

Personally, I jumped on the deal, as I had intended to get Aquaria and Aaaetc! when I got a new computer anway.
I had a great time with aquaria, it's probably 15 hours, and there also is a decent mod
and yet it moves I also recommend
haven't played the others, but might this anyway just for crayon physics
This is a very good deal, I have tried And Yet it Moves and it is pretty fun. I have not tried the others, but I hear extremely good things about Aaaaa!. At $25 it is worth it even for the not so good games. Although I think the last indie bundle was about 5x better except for the Path was pretty worthless.
The fact that four of these games have Steam-chievements (I'm a sucker for those) puts me off a bit. But I think I'll bite just to have those games DRM-free & watch for Steam sales down the road.
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