Britney Spears Twisted Fantasy Perfume?

Jess Stryker

Mama said to knock you out
Never really bought perfume before, so while I did stumble across some European sites the other day when I tried looking for a deal, I didn't seem to have any luck and not really sure where all to look.

With the perfume being new and...only a month or two old (I think), I don't even know what the likelihood of even finding a deal is, but figured it can't hurt to ask, right?
Target used to sell her older ones. Check there first, then Kohl's, then eBay for testers.

I buy any cologne/perfume from eBay sellers that specialize in selling unused testers. It's the exact same as the full-sized testers in the stores (authentic) at about 1/2 price. In most cases you won't get a retail box, just a plain white cardboard box, but the item itself is 100% identical.
I work at Kohls part time and we carry it, with all the different sales, pick a days, and other crap we have going on you could get a pretty good deal.
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