Build Your Own Mini-Arcade Cabinet! - Kickstarter Project


There is an ongoing Kickstarter project aimed at those of us who are fans of the last few generations of video games and who have an interest in building our own fun-sized arcade cabinet to enjoy the games from those generations. The complete kit will come with: an arcade joystick, 8 arcade buttons, speakers and amp, pre-cut cabinet pieces, an HD or SD LCD screen, an SD card for storing the games and required software, and all required cords, adapters, and wiring harnesses/mounting hardware.
The project's goal is to raise the funds required for purchasing the equipment  and materials necessary to mass-produce the assembly pieces of the arcade cabinet. The wooden frame is laser-cut to ensure a tightly fitting and reproducible container for all of the electronic components of the console. The console itself is designed to be controlled by a Raspberry Pi board(not included), but there is room enough to use a different control board as well.
The Porta-Pi project is well on its way to being funded, but could use a few more backers to ensure these cabinets become a reality. If this idea sounds interesting, please check out the links below.
Here are links to the actual project and a review that was done by Mashable.
Mashable Review:
You might be able to do that. This project is more geared towards those who would like to have an arcade cabinet, but may not have the space/time/resources/knowledge to construct a full size one from scratch on their own. Not everyone has access to the tools required to cut out the pieces for the cabinet, nor does everyone have the experience with wiring controls together to construct something like this on their own without extensive research beforehand. These kits would take the guesswork out of the process.

The end goal is to have these be like something bought from IKEA. People would be able to buy the kits and assemble them on their own using the included instructions without pouring hours and hours into designing their own models/prototypes.

Being a former M.A.M.E. cabinet owner who had to sell his due to lack of space, this may be perfect for me.  I'm already thinking mods for it, such as a lighted marquee, overlay and side art.

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