Buy a PS5 Spiderman Bundle for Black Friday or wait for Clearance Deals


Hi Guys, 

I was just wondering with all of the lackluster PS5 (Full size) Console Deals for Black Friday, if it would be best to just wait for any Clearance Deals that come up post Black Friday instead? 

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If you want a PS5, don't sit on the Black Friday deals.  BF is always the best time to get a Playstation.  Clearance deals will be pretty rare and if so, it'll be YMMV so there's no guarantee you'll find one by you.  Plus, with PS5's popularity, there's no guarantee that the old ones will be clearanced out.

So definitely buy one now.  Besides, you have the holiday return period to fall back on in case you change your mind

I think getting the OG PS5 for $450 is a solid deal. Works out of the box, no internet required. Ever.
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