CAC(Cheap Ass Computer)


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Anybody have any recommendations for a computer on the cheap? I am looking for a desktop for around 200 dollars to do taxes, banking and play flash games on.

I have a monitor, speakers, a printer, keyboard and such.

Should I build or buy a premade setup? What parts are recommended, etc.
I would buy. It's cheaper to buy a low end computer than to build one. Dell usually has good deals. Considering what you're going to be doing with it you don't need a very fast machine. I would check some other deal sites like Dell puts out lots of coupons for their computers which appear on those sites. Slickdeals has a 20% off code listed at the moment.
Lurk around the dell refurb/refused computer outlet thing. The stuff changes minute to minute. Wait for a B110 or similar to pop up for under $250, it will eventually happen.

I got my computer a month ago for $230 there. But best strategy is when one good comes up, throw it in your cart immediatly, then look at it. Cause there are others doing the same thing.

But, that comp USA thing sounds good, too good really, I'd worry that I'd have to MSN or AOL myself.
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