CAG Flash Giveaway: Tomb Raider I–III Remastered - Out 2/14

So yeah, I would like to participate. Also, HumbleBundle has Mega Man Legacy Collection, Mega Man X Legacy Collection, Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection & Mega Man 11 ALL ON SALE for $20 USD if anybody is interested until february/20/2024. I love those games, they are all really cool if you love having short gaming experiences.
If this is an offer for the potential codes, I wouldn't mind playing them. Especially Zero/X. I've never touched them before.
Thanks yet again for all you do! PlayStation or Switch for me if you need platforms.
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Thank you cheapyd. Hopefully our 'bro' status gives me extra points for the contest. I remember the good old days when you were repping saints row with your special appearance!

I grew up playing the TR series as a teen. Would love coming home from school just to play it. So many great memories to relive. Especially the first time the t-rex chases you!
Thanks for the chance! Never actually played these when they originally came out, although I bought 1-3 used from GameStop before they stopped selling PS1 games. If I actually won, I'd probably feel obligated to finally try playing them, lol.
I’ll have some more codes to give away this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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Congrats to the winners. I pre-ordered this game and it's awesome so far. Achievements are going to be a pain, but some are fun to go for.
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