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The gang returns and talks about Spider-Man Homecoming, Baby Driver, Castlevania, Overwatch news, and so much more!

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Cheapy was this you they were referring to ?

Iceland Is Sick of Tourists' Bad Behavior

Barely a week goes by without a tale of inappropriate public pooping going viral. Indeed, this story of tourists in East Iceland using a porta-potty as a luggage locker suggests restrooms themselves are among the few public places to be spared the wrath of visitors’ bowels. Iceland’s sparse population might possibly be leading tourists to bad behavior because they take perceptions of its emptiness to extremes and assume there’s almost nobody there. 

Seriously I'm jealous.  Iceland is on my bucket list.

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Just a comment/observation (so please don't be offended, Wombat), but I thought it was funny and a little ironic that Wombat was defending himself against criticism about how he criticizes movies...
There's an interesting point about Green Goblin's costume in the first Spider-Man movie. They actually WERE working on a different costume for the Green Goblin, one with rubber prosthetics that would have made Willem Defoe's face look a lot more like a rubber Halloween mask. This would have made his appearance much more in line with what people remember from the comic book and older cartoons. There are actually some production photos on-line that you can see of the design in-process. This design was scrapped, however, and they went with the plastic helmet/mask instead.

It is believed that this switch-over happened for budgetary reasons. The rubber version that they were designing would have been much more visually impressive, and would have allowed Willem Defoe to display much more facial performance while posing as the Green Goblin. But it would have also required that he be in a makeup chair a lot more, and would have almost certainly required that they pay him more. (and have him on set for makeup a lot more) It would also have made it a lot more difficult to incorporate stunt-men, whereas the suit they went with only needed a stunt-man of a similar height and build. The cheesy suit we ended up with is unfortunate, but at the time no one actually knew how successful the film would be. It was a bit of a gamble on Sony's part, so I understand why they made their decision. I just wish they had enough faith in the movie to give us a proper Green Goblin.

I really enjoyed Spider-Man: Homecoming. Michael Keaton was a fantastic villain, one of the highlights of the film.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was alright. I did like how the writers incorporated a way from prior Marvel movies to introduce the villain, and of course the plot twist later in the film. Great writing.

But overall, it just felt flat to me. Some of the jokes felt forced, and not needed in every scene. The awkward moment in the bathroom between Happy and Peter was good, but the friend's joke that he was surfing porn just wasn't needed. To have a long beat to make a porn joke, eh.

Tom Holland is good for the character but I wish Spider-Man was more grounded in the movie than the constant "Oh I have to go right now, sorry." It didn't feel like he was a kid, but instead he was an adult making his own choices. Like, keep him in detention while something was going on. Make us understand that he is a kid who has to live by rules. He just can't break every rule.

Just a couple of my thoughts..

And, yes I will get a ton of shit for this, but my all-time favorite superhero movie is still Spider-Man 3. Everything just clicked together so well in the film, and it brought out a lot of emotion for me. The scenes with Peter and MJ laying in the spider web looking at the stars, and the very end scene with the slow dance. Superhero movies do not need to only be about action, action, action in every scene - give me scenes where the character fights his internal battle of who he is. I really enjoyed the Sandman character too in the film, as I felt bad for him. And gosh, the battle between Peter and Harry at the beginning, and the reveal Harry was the new Green Goblin with Peter going "Harry...?" was amazing. Don't care, I love Spider-Man 3.

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Did some googling on Chinese and mothballs. LOL, I am Chinese, and never heard of this, but apparently discussions on various English forums go back at least 10 years...

My best guess is the most common bug repellent sprays/ointments in China all have a distinct smell of camphor, which is used in or at least similar to mothballs. So maybe that explains the smell being more obvious in the summer and in particular on tourists.

Regarding the Spiderman spoilers at the end of the podcast:


Wombat, maybe I misheard but didn't the gym teacher make a comment supporting Captain America? Something along the lines of "He's a wanted felon, but I still like the guy". Maybe someone can back me up or correct me.
Can we get links to the forum topics about the gamestop trade in deal and the prime day mistakes?

I'd like to read about the details even if they are all over and done with.

The gambit system (automated commands) was present in the original release of FF12; in fact, it was the default and preferred method of battle. The 4X speed and the licensing board are the biggest changes in 12. In the original, you could unlock accessories, gear, and spells from other characters' areas of the license board, fairly similarly to FF10. In the FF12 remaster, you have to choose a class, and that's all you get. You'll eventually get a choose a second class to unlock at some point later in the game.

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I loved the howling commando reference! All these superhero movies have easter eggs, doesn't mean that your mind works different or that you can't enjoy a movie because you notice it.
I thought the Castlevania anime was pretty damn good.

Shipwreck seems to have a really extreme aversion to anything that's adult and/or not upbeat...

The description Cheapy gave of The Accountant sounds familiar. Did you talk about this movie on a previous episode?
[SIZE=14.000000953674316px]Suggestion for Wombat (or any Switch owner) .... Blaster Master Zero is the game you should be playing.  It's amazing, and I consider it a better game than Zelda botw.  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.000000953674316px]Suggestion for Cheapy... stop burping on the show.  You reached your limit this episode.  [/SIZE]

Link doesn't work, should be /cagcast

Chinese tourists are the worst.  I have traveled all over Asia and a good rule of thumb was that if the Chinese showed up, it was time to be elsewhere.

Example: went to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial in Taipei (essentially Taiwan's Lincoln Memorial).  Stood and waited to see the changing of the guards.  As the time approached, people were ushered out of the way to clear the area in front of the statue.  Well, the Chinese tourists took this as an opportunity to take photos of themselves in front of the statue seeing as how nobody else would be in the frame.  So we waited for the first person to get their photo taken, then the next, then the next...  God was it hot that day.

[SIZE=14.000000953674316px]Suggestion for Wombat (or any Switch owner) .... Blaster Master Zero is the game you should be playing. It's amazing, and I consider it a better game than Zelda botw.[/SIZE]
So agreed. Blaster Master Zero is an incredibly fun game. I just have fun exploring each area.

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