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The gang talks Deadpool 2 (with post-show spoiler session), State of Decay 2, Battlefield V, E3 hype, The Forest, and so much more!
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Regarding GCU, I'm afraid we're doing a lot of handwringing for no reason. Worrying about how long it's going to take Best Buy to recognize a bad decision is us ignoring the fact you touched on at the start of the conversation: Best Buy is tacitly getting out of the games business. They've decided it's more cost-effective to pivot away from gaming than to keep a permanent loss leader on offer.

Which really sucks, admittedly. But everyone shouting at Best Buy on social media about how they're going to take their games business elsewhere is being met with a permissive shrug from the company, I believe.

I had completely forgotten about it until looking for news on what was going on with GCU, but the reason Amazon started offering a discount on pre-orders with Prime a couple years ago was supposedly because of the sales pressure BBY was putting on them. That alone makes the program a huge success for them!

I haven't walked into a Gamestop in years, so when Amazon eventually discontinues their discount program I probably won't pre-order a console game again until the long hard war for consumer rights is finally lost (IE next gen) and everything is digital/subscription only.

BTW Cheapy I recommend "How to Grill" by Steven Raichlen if you're at all in the market for a cookbook on the subject. He's done a bunch of books and has/had a show on PBS so you can check out his website at if you're interested, but for starters just think of a propane grill as an oven that's on f i r e and you'll be halfway there.

I can't tell you about the behind-the-scenes politics and business decisions but I used to work for one of those cults...I mean best buys....and all employees got a discount on everything. When I was there it was 5% over cost (they said it was to cover shipping costs). So a $50 game was $42-ish for employees. It will be noticeable margin, I think. A popular item is going to make money for sure. Not sure how many members were saving more than their membership but yeah, like you said, it was a good way to get feet in the store. 

I don't remember ever going to a Best Buy and thinking how much I loved it there in the last 15 years. I mean...good luck, BB, I guess...

Anyone have luck with the CAGCAST code on littlebits? It's not working for me. Maybe it has something to do with the Droid kit already being on sale for $25 off.

Regarding the N64 Classic Edition.

Nintendo owns the Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong universe so Donkey Kong 64 and Diddy Kong Racing shouldn't be a problem. They'd probably have to remove or get permission to keep Banjo, Conker and Tiptup in Diddy Kong Racing though.

There were 3rd party titles on the NES and SNES Classic Editions so hopefully they can work something out with Microsoft and other 3rd parties.

I think the free games Twitch offers are a great reason to go with Prime.  I know they aren't all heavy hitters, but Steam World Dig 2 and Superhot were worth it alone so far.  I look forward to those more than discounts on new releases.

Also, thanks for the heads up on the PSN 20% coupon this week!

Cooking tip: use a digital meat thermometer. It takes the guess work and frustration out of cooking. They are cheaper then the meat your cooking. You won't undercook or over cook again. With grilling you'll know where the hot spots are and how to position and move around the meat.   

Cheapy, you said customer service at Best Buy wasn't that bad. I remember a conversation from a CAGcast a long time ago where you had trouble buying something in the store that you pre-ordered online, or something along those lines. Didn't you have to talk to several employees, and it took an unusually long amount of time?
I usually have a decent time shopping at Best Buy, but the last time I went I tried to buy PSN cards using a BB gift card, and the woman behind the counter told me that wasn’t allowed. So I went home and ordered them online using the BB gift card.
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