CAGcast 597: A Double Moron Situation


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The gang talks latest Nintendo Switch updates, Mike Tyson, Action Park, Mario Maker 2, giant Unicron, and Wombat tries to sell the gang on Rainbow Six Siege, again.

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Intro - MISS PAPAYA - Operator (Two gee's radio mix)
Outro - Young People's Day Camp (1988)

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I see Wombat is turning into a man of taste finally getting into Siege properly. I've been playing pretty much weekly since I got the game at launch. Easily my favourite game this generation.

It might be overwhelming jumping in four seasons deep but trust me once you get into the groove, start learning maps, operators, counters the game pretty much ruins 99% of other competitive online shooters. The gameplay is so smooth, the destructable maps and different approaches mean you rarely play matches that feel the same each time.

It's funny how Cheapy was all about Overwatch, which is similar to a degree (online shooter, character focused) and Wombat would poke fun, now it's 180 with Siege and Cheapy snoring through the segment.  :rofl:

A three man co-stream would definitely be an entertaining sight.

Shipwreck is the worst when receiving gaming recommendations.  If he isn't the one recommending games he shits all over it.  Like Wombat said it's as close to a G.I. Joe game as you can possibly get yet as typical Shipwreck is like "nah son don't want none of that...remember I'm the end all be all when it comes to knowing about video games..let me tell you".  He literally owns the game and yet since Wombat recommended the game he won't play it, oh yeah, and he doesn't like it because the one screenshot he found on Google was black and white?!?!?  WTF!!

Siege is an absolute blast.  Yes everyone has their own taste and yes you may not like it but to shit on a game, a game that is basically up your alley, a game you already own(!), to refuse to play it, boggles the mind.

It's the best multiplayer gaming out there.  Super fun, so well balanced and the operators are as good as they come.  Oh and did I already mention...YOU ALREADY OWN THE DAMN GAME!??!?

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I agree with Wombat that neither Shipwreck nor Cheapy understand Seige. It is great watching Wombat fall off roofs and blowing up the ground beneath him. Need to try it.

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I don't think Ship would like Siege though, its MP only (don't try to kid yourself at those "situations" or even solo terrorist hunt), it's got a steep learning curve, and highly competitive. From listening to this show for over 10 years, not his cup of tea.

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