CAGcast #688: Death, Taxes, and Ads in VR


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I live in northwest Ohio and we have a hometown hamburger place called Kewpee that puts olives on their burgers, so that doesn't seem weird to me, but the paste that Shipwreck talked about sounds gross.
I was riding my bike along Lake Michigan, just a little south of Muskegon, listening to the open of the show and I was thinking about how awesome living here is because I don't have to deal with the disgusting heat and humidity that you were complaining about over in New York.  Next thing I know, my little area of the world is the main topic of the show thanks to Shipwreck's vacation.  

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Wombat bash Michigan shortly after talking about his disgusting 95 degree pool filled with the sweat dripping off his body.  Sounds nice.  I swim in a large fresh water ocean every day that is cool, clean, and refreshing.

Even better was Shipwreck's Olive Burger experience.  I was really excited to hear about what restaurant he visited up in whatever small town he was staying in so I could drive up and check it out.  Then he said "I think it was...Russ's?".

I laughed so hard and said "Oh No" out loud while riding my bike because I knew there was only one place this story was going.  My wife's family is from this area and she grew up going to Russ's.  Every time they are back in town visiting us I suggest going to a real restaurant that doesn't suck but we always end up at Russ's and it's always disappointing.  I apologize for all of West Michigan that you drove all the way from Cincinnati and wound up eating any food at Russ's.

Good description of Michigan Adventure.  It's a decent park for our family with all our kids age 6 to 10 since the coasters aren't as big as Cedar Point, but it's not even close to as good.

I'm curious what town Ship stayed in and what the three breweries were.  Those at least sounded like checking out.

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Great post jonsauce! I’m from the Detroit area, we had heat and humidity in abundance when I lived there. Always heard it was cooler on the west side of the state.

I live in Texas now, and there is a place called Olive Burger. It’s Mediterranean based, so no disgusting Mayo, just an option to have fresh olives on your burger.
True but they have never taken this much time off.  Just give us a head's up.

Is it now normal to do it every other week?

Definitely taken a page from Howard's book about hiding the fact there will be no show coming up.

If it is the Twitch production, I don't think you would get too many complaints about going back to audio only.

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