CAGcast #697: Better Late Than Never


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Wombat sometimes your jokes are  

the queerest of the queer

the strangest of the strange

the coldest of the cool

the lamest of the lame

Wombat was right that most people are pro vaccination. A large majority of the voting age population in America have already been vaccinated. Currently it’s 76% with at least one dose, and 66% fully vaccinated.

Unfortunately, because America contains a larger proportion of right wing extremists than other countries, the US vaccination rate is lower than it should be. 64% of the population as a whole have one dose, and 54% are fully vaccinated. Japan is about to overtake them despite getting off to an extremely slow start with their vaccine rollout.
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Ships recreation of each family Mario Party night sounded almost therapeutic for him.

Good to get it out and not bottle it up.

I think Wombat's idea of using Universal Monsters in Fortnite is a brilliant marketing idea; Shipwreck seem a bit cool to the idea though.

I know that ever since Universal Studios allowed their monster movie classics to be broadcast on Television in the '60s, there has been generations of "Monster kids" year after year. I am a Monster Kid. I'm pretty sure Wombat is one too. 

I don't know what this generation of millennials are into but this is a good way to introduce them to the classics!

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