CAGcast #711: We Actually Do Not Care For NFTs


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CheapyD: old enough to have missed Home Improvement, but young enough to watch Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid in College.
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I'm glad you were able to set that one person who was listening to the Bizzaro-world version of the previous episode straight with this one. If this doesn't do it, nothing will :) In short it was very clear in the previous episode that you didn't like NFTs.

Thanks for the fun episode, I'm looking forward to the Eternals discussion.

And hopefully Peacemaker as well!

In reference to games, started playing Guardians of the Galaxy. It's the most fun I've had with a game in some time. One detail I noticed in the prologue: 13-year old Peter Quill has a ColecoVision console, which was current from 1982-1984 ((that console was awesome for the time, I had one too). That puts him a few years younger than me. So he'd be around 52 now! Half-Celestials must age slowly since he looks like he's in his 30s in-game.


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Cheapy, when you get finished with the The Great you should check out Dave on Hulu. The show is about the life of David Burd, a jewish kid from Philly who grew up to become the rapper Lil Dicky. I never even heard of him before but absolutely loved the show. The show is short, ~20mins per episode,  so give the first two episodes a try. I think you and maybe even your wife will love it. 

I have actually had the Cheeseburger Bite from 711 a few times.  Every time was after a concert when it's midnight and I'm hungry and thirsty.  I pass by a 711 on my way home so my go-to is a Cheeseburger Bite and a Gatorade.  It's not good, but cheap and a good amount of food for the price; and it's better than it looks.  It doesn't taste like a giant turd.

Cheapy, the moment Star Wars became absolutely mind numbingly absurd for me was when Luke milked some big titty elephant manatee for its green nectar. Boba Fetts experience just seems par for the course. Without having watched Boba Fett yet, I imagine it’s very much like watching Luke gulp down dinosaur milk.
That episode was a total cash grab! I wish they would go back to their old stuff where they were like “fuck you man”. CASH GRAB!
I recently finished Season 2 and would love to hear what the crew’s favorite I Think You Should Leave skits are. I think my fave is the hot dog car crash.
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