CAGcast #729: Obi-Wanting


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I have been following the Amico saga because I never thought someone would surpass the Coleco Chameleon debacle, yet here we are. One thing that always had me scratching my head was the aggressiveness with which they approached the family friendly aspect. Tallarico especially would often talk about all the "porn games" on the Switch and whatnot. (Sidenote: It was always the Switch, he really seems to have it out for the Switch.) I didn't know about his political affiliations, but once Wombat said it, it all made sense. I know Shipwreck kind of dismissed it, but I really think there's something to the idea that this was going to be marketed to a more conservative audience as a safe alternative to the mainstream consoles. Hell, if you watch the official promo videos, they were going in that direction already.

Also, maybe there were good intentions however many years ago, but for a long time this has been operating in scam territory. Like Cheapy is saying, these people may be "industry veterans" but there's a difference between doing music for Cool Spot and launching a console. It's obvious they were in over their heads early and the only way I think we'll ever see an actual Amico is if they get sued into it (ironically like how Mattel got sued into delivering on an Intelivision computer attachment they promised but never delivered.)

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Good show, and yeah, no surprise about Amico. Just watched The Northman (it’s on Peacock, not Paramount+) and damn it’s good. If you played AC Valhalla it’s a must-watch.
I’m assuming since it’s an A24 movie it will hit Amazon Prime at some point.
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