CAGcast #732: Hot CAGcast Summer


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CheapyD’s amazement that culture and social norms are different outside of New York is astounding. Wombat and Cheapy often pretend that New York (Manhattan and Long Island) is the pinnacle of American style and status. There is an air of superiority whenever areas outside of NY are discussed, especially the Midwest. I have listened to every episode of the cagcast for more than a decade. I love the show, you guys make me laugh every episode. Keep up the good work, just realize that NY isn’t that special.
My thoughts on the whole BMW heated seats subscriptions. I think the main thing they are after is making money off the used vehicle market. Correct me if I'm wrong but, BMW doesn't get anything when a dealer sells a used vehicle only that dealer does. I'm betting for the new vehicle buyer things like the heated seats subscription will be thrown in free for a few years as a bonus, since the typical new vehicle buying isn't going to keep that vehicle for more then 3-5 years before buying another brand new one. Then when that same car is sold used, for the first or the 5th time, manufacturers wants to make money off that. Ship's comments on simplifying supply chains I'm not really buying, I can kind of see it but that just isn't their main concern. I think if that was an issue manufacturers would have simplified things a long time ago.

Toyota already has a thing where you have to pay a fee to use features like remote start. I find all of this to be completely unacceptable and will never buy a vehicle that ties to do this, I'll get something old and fix it first. I hope these subscriptions die a fast painful death.

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