CAGcast #733: White Black Panther


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I watched The Outfit after Cheapy recommended it. It was very good. The receptionist is Lea Thompson’s daughter.

Before my Peacock sub expired I looked through all their movies and it’s almost all crap on there. But I did find a 2016 movie called Una that has very good acting and a 76% score on RT. Like The Outfit, the less you know about it the better, but don’t watch it with the kids.
I agree with Wombat's progression concerns in Multiversus. I hope Player First Games listens to feedback and make some positive changes because I am really enjoying the game. I definitely recommend Cheapy and Ship give it a shot.

Other notes: It is not on Switch. Only PC, Xbox, PS. The characters rotate every two weeks. You never lose progression so when a locked character returns to unlocked, they will be right where you left them. But even if you never permanently unlock a character there will always be someone new to play every two weeks. Also, if you play local all characters are unlocked.

I too am curious to know if this succeeds because I really think it has potential. Crossing my fingers.

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Wanted to chime in on the t shirt debate. I have t shirts I only wear around that house that I use for working out/doing chores as I would not want to ruin a nice shirt while doing yard work or other random chores. 

So I am team wombat

Waiting for the latest new kid's movies talk:

- League of Superpets: saw it last night, it was very good, great voice work and very funny. Better than the trailer makes it look

- The Sea Beast (Netflix): Good story, stunningly beautiful animation (makes that Dolbyvision pop), darker than a Disney movie in the best way

- Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Really more of an all-ages art movie (it's A24 studios), but very funny and heartfelt. 

- Paws of Fury: Believe it or not... a kid's movie adaptation of Blazing Saddles. YES, really. Cats vs Dogs is the racism being explored. Full involvement of Mel Brooks. It's not great... pretty awkward at times. But sometimes it's funny.

Hey guys, love you and the show :)

If you’re going to continue with a “How ‘Bout That Shirt” segment, could you describe the shirts you’re wearing for the podcast listening audience? 😂😂
Just watched Last Night in Soho, it’s pretty nuts. Not what I thought going in, but not a bad flick.

Also, I’ve used GAMEYE for a while Ship, and it’s great. I think it took me a solid two or three days of entry too. I also use it to keep track of digital game purchases, so I don’t accidentally buy something again I already have. 😅
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