CAGcast #740: Panic at the Walgreens

Sorry for the delay in the YouTube video.  My fault!



thanks shanafan

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I’m with Ship on the confusion in the recycling in New York. Unfortunately recycling isn’t nearly as prevalent in many parts of the country. As someone who has never fainted, at least to my recollection, I would have told them to ambulance my ass out of the Walgreens if that happened to me.

Wombat should definitely give Deathloop more time. Especially for someone who is as big a fan of Dishonored as he is. It starts slow, it takes a minute to hook you, but once you loop a few times, it starts to become much better. It’s a game I enjoyed while I was playing, but thought about for a while after the fact, and found myself comparing games to Deathloop for a while.
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