CAGcast #765: Stay Strapped Or Get Clapped


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The problem with Playstation Plus extra is that you don't get first party exclusives day one so it only has value if you wait long enough for a bunch of games you missed to be on there. Even with that though these older first party games drop in price pretty quickly so unless you missed a lot of games you could probably just buy them for cheap used instead. Miles Morales Ultimate Edition(which includes the first game), Horizon Forbidden west, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, and Returnal are all $25 or under on ebay right now. That's why Playstation Plus extra is so much cheaper than Gamepass Ultimate. 

Here's to Cheapy's mix getting included in this year's Ibiza mix.

I learned about Wolverine's bone claws from Wizard magazine and I was also shocked because growing up from the cartoons, I always thought it was a side effect of whatever the heck they did to him. Anyway the story goes is that Magneto basically was a dick and decided to rip Wolverine's metal out of his body, something he could've done at any point in the 1980s, and this time it worked. So Logan spent like a good part of the 90s as Bone Claws Wolverine, and was even in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

I think this year my Game Pass Ultimate will lapse, but I haven't decided if I will renew. I never took advantage of the service's multiplayer. The biggest advantage Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has over like PS Plus for me is the ability to play any of the games on the service via an internet connected device. I played through much of Persona 5 Royal on the device, and did finish Hitman 2 as well. If I stop using it I guess it will be the feature I'll miss the most considering the prospect of playing via the cloud instead of having my console on all the time is pretty darn cool.

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Interesting that Shipwreck describes Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as a popcorn book. I think you would struggle to find a more intelligent author than Douglas Adams. Wombat is right - he was ahead of his time. He does present his ideas in a lighthearted way, but he has a lot to say about philosophy and human society.

I often wonder what he would have made of the ridiculous world we live in now. We are essentially the B-Ark Golgafrinchams - useless idiots sitting around making documentaries about ourselves while ignoring our impending extinction.

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