CAGcast #768: Live from LI Retro 2023!


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Fun show, I especially appreciated all the people who came quite a distance to attend. You have real fans! Thanks for being you.

I hope you enjoy that Resetti plush, Wombat!

Seriously it was good to see you folks and I hope you guys and your families had a great time at the show!

My family and I came to New York and Long Island for the first time from Canada because of the CAGCast.  We spent two days in NY City and two days at the LI Retro festival.  The live Cagcast was a great way to finish the weekend. Seeing Cheapy stress over handing out the raffle tickets to the audience was hilarious but also showed that he cared about everyone having a good time.  Wombat was hilarious as usual and Shipwreck let my kids get a prize at the end so he's awesome too. Keep it up and see you all again next year.

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