CAGcast #780: Our Favorites of 2023

Listened to this last night. I didn't even know Xbox had that year-end review thing.

I was shocked that my total time was only 295 hours. It has been a strange year for me. But I think like you guys (well Cheapy and Wombat anyway), getting older plus watching much more TV has meant less gaming. But to be clear it's mostly the TV and not the aging. In the not-too-distant past, I would have spent way more time just on Destiny or Destiny 2, plus played several RPGs and other games.

This year:
WarTales - 124 hours (saw an article about this GamePass game and have gotten hooked on it)
Starfield - 99 hours (not nearly done and need to get back to it but I took a long break)
Destiny 2 - 51 hours (used to be my main game but I've been playing less and less every year)

I probably have about 100 hours on PS, mostly playing the Last of Us games for the first time.

But yeah, other than that, I have greatly increased my "prestige" TV watching time and also started wasting time on YouTube videos, which I never really did much before. I'd hate to see my total on the latter!
Hey guys! Great show as always. I've been listening for years and just wanted to hop on to finally say hi!
I didn't play too many games this year but one I really liked was sea of stars.
bread's done