CAGcast at E3 2017 - Audio Broadcasts From LA!


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CheapyD, Shipwreck, and Thorbahn are live at E3 all week while Wombat gives impressions from NY.

Super Fresh, Direct from E3 2017!
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Thank you for posting these! It's always fun to hear your perspective and see what the overall "vibe" was inside the halls of E3.

Would you guys please mention other higher profile games that weren't announced at sony, microsoft, nintendo, ubisoft, or bethesda conferences? Can't seem to find a ton of info on anything else

Cheapy and Shipwreck couldn't comprehend the Senran Kagura light beams. It's not shooting out of their... parts. It's a Japanese censorship trope where instead of using something like black bars, they use beams of light. Sometimes use steam if it's a bath-related scene. So yeah. They don't have laser boobs.

I'm with Thorbahn about 4DX. Every time it's been described on your E3 trips, it sounds nothing but annoying as hell to me. I'm no fun, I guess. Also, something that Cheapy and Shipwreck wouldn't have to deal with is getting wet when you wear glasses is incredibly bad since you have to wipe them off in order to be able to properly see again. Having that happen throughout the movie would be terrible.

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