CAGcast Production FAQ, Q&A, & Podcasting Tips

Thanks for pointing me to this thread during the CAGcast, Cheapy.

I was looking for more general tips rather than hardware and production but I'll keep outlining and high energy in mind. Our listener base is far too small ( _ LeMedcast) to bother with the big boy hardware at this point.

We've been using Skype and Rockband mics across the board and it works remarkably well for a free solution. It may have something to do with our awesome post production guy who removes our awkward silences and failed jokes when necessary while adding sound effects and music where it makes sense. We've had up to 6 people on the show without any serious technical hurdles (dropping audio, crackling, etc...).

We haven't really brought it together as a hosting team yet, but we're working on it. We certainly look to your example (CAGcast as a whole) as something to strive for regarding personality and cohesion in a podcast.
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So this is my first time posting something on a forum in a long time. I have been listening to the show for a few weeks now and I love it. I also love the quality of the show and can see how much these guys love the sound quality.

Well i think they should use Tieline equipment. This equipment is meant for radio, and STL. All you need is an internet line and a few XLR cables, plus a few mics and most of all a 3.5 mm audio connect to a female XLR. once you have this you can connect three Tieline codecs to one codec and record, listen and talk to each other. This is a very cheap method of communication for broadcasters.

Very helpful thread...can't believe I never noticed this here before!

Thanks to Cheapy for setting it up and to everyone else for chiming in.
I would like to ask this to not only Cheapy, but all other podcasters as well. A friend and I want to start a podcast on the cheap (of course) and found a free podcast hosting site called podbean. I've been a longtime listener of CAGcast and as a result know that Lisbyn seems like a great site to go through, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if podbean is even worth a shot until we get a decent amount of listeners? Any help would be greatly appreciated, be it from Cheapy or any other friendly CAG!
Check it out Cheapy:


You've done gone and inspired me.
So, I realize this is a shot in the dark, but what the heck....

Cheapy, I purchased the Samson recommended and it's nice. However, I am getting an audible hiss in the recordings. I've tried different software applications and turning down the gains. In fact, if I turn the gains all the way to zero, hit record on Audacity, the hiss is still present.

I have tried the noise reduction filter and that works great in the pauses, but I can still hear it during the recorded speaking.

Do you have any tips?
Yeah. You put alit of work into this podcast it shows. Always sounds good. I also listen to pc gamer podcast (might not anymore once ship and cheap get their pcs :)) and I wish that sounded as clean and was leveled as well as the cagcast.
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