CAGcast Remix videos


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I am trying to think of new ideas for content on the CAGcast YouTube channel, and one idea I had was a CAGcast Remix.

I took two totally different segments on the show, like impressions of Falllout 76 and impressions of Horizon Zero Dawn, and "remixed them" to throw the positive comments about HZD into the Fallout 76 impression - to give the idea of positive praise for Fallout 76. It can be challenging!

I have made two so far, and if you have any two that you would like to see combined, let me know! The idea is take something that didn't get positive feedback with something that did.

Remixes so far..

  1. Fallout 76 - CAGcast Remix #1
  2. Han Solo: A Star Wars Story - CAGcast Remix #2
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