CAG's Win Everything* Black Friday Bonanza! - Congratulations, thenewnumbertwo!

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[IMG-R=5838]19242[/IMG-R]We all know that Cheap Ass Gamer is the best place to scope out all the Black Friday video game deals. To help celebrate the most exciting shopping time of the year, we are going to do our best to make it even more exciting with our Win Everything* Black Friday Bonanza contest!

One lucky winner will be selected from 5 finalists, revealed during CAG's annual Black Friday Super Show of Savings broadcast (details to come). This winner will receive ALL of the following:

:360: Xbox 360 S (250GB)
:360: Kinect with Kinect Adventures
:ps3: Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (320GB)
:ps3: Move Starter Pack
:psp: PSP Go or PSP 3000
:wii: Special Edition Red Wii with New Super Mario Bros Wii Bundle
:ds: Nintendo 3DS, DS Lite, DSi, or DSi XL
16GB Apple iPad (WiFi) or 64GB iPod Touch
$500 gift card

Contest entry and details

Congratulations to our winner: thenewnumbertwo

Don't forget, we are giving away another one of these bad boys in our Child's Play Raffle!

Prize List

Prize 1: Xbox 360 S (250GB)
A staple of the Cheap Ass Gamer, the Xbox 360 is home to many of the cheapest gaming deals that you'll see here on a daily basis. We're not just giving away any old run-of-the-mill 360 either, but the very latest slim model with a 250GB hard drive. (Currently the largest available.)

Prize 2: Kinect with Kinect Adventures
So now you've got the 360, you'll probably be hearing a lot about this new fangled "Kinect" motion sensor technology that lets you control games using full body motion and voice commands. So, we'll be giving the winner one of those as well, along with a copy of "Kinect Adventures".

Prize 3: Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (320GB)
The 360 is a great console, but when a game is made specifically with the PlayStation 3 in mind you'll be hard pressed to find prettier looking graphics anywhere in your living room. To make sure the winner never has to worry about platform exclusivity ever again, we'll be giving one of these away too. (The biggest model, with a whopping 320GB hard drive.)

Prize 4: Move Starter Pack
Microsoft isn't the only one venturing into the world of motion controlled shenanigans this year, with Sony introducing their new "Move" controller. And what with the winner being the owner of a shiny new PS3, it seems a shame not to throw in a Move Starter Pack as well - containing everything you need to get started with Sony's new take on the arm flailing genre.

So, that's two fancy consoles with the very latest in motion controller technology. Had enough? Go on then, we might as well complete the set:

Prize 5: Special Edition Red Wii with New Super Mario Bros Wii Pack
Lots of people have a Nintendo Wii, but not many people have a special edition red Wii bundled with a Wii MotionPlus controller (built in without the need for that annoying extra accessory), New Super Mario Bros Wii, Wii Sports, and some old school Donkey Kong action. Yep, the winner of this competition is getting one of those too.

That should be enough gaming console goodness for anyone! But what about when you're out on the move, away from home and your beloved new consoles? Yeah, we'd better throw in some portable consoles too.

Prize 6: PSP Go or PSP 3000
Take your pick from the tiny diskless 16GB PSP Go for easy online game buying, or the standard PSP 3000 for bargain games on UMDs.

Prize 7: Nintendo 3DS, DS Lite, DSi, or DSi XL
The winner will have a choice of four options from Nintendo's line of handhelds, the DS Lite (standard screen and GBA compatibility), the DSi (bigger screen, front and rear facing cameras), or the DSi XL (massive screen and the same cameras as the DSi). Or if whoever wins is willing to wait until the 3DS is released, they can opt for that instead!

So, there we have it. Five awesome consoles, for one lucky winner. Although, it's a shame that even with all these consoles, there are some fantastic games out there that you wouldn't be able to play if you won. Like Game Dev Story on the iPhone, or the amazingly addictive "Cut the Rope" for iPad. Although, since the iPad plays all iOS games, how about...

Prize 8: 16GB Apple iPad (WiFi) or 64GB iPod Touch
Go on then, we'll throw in an iPad as well - or if for some reason the winner is anti-tablet, we can sort out a 64GB iPod Touch as an alternative. (One of the new ones with the super-crisp Retina display.) Because everyone should experience what it's like to be late for work as a result of staying up all night playing Game Dev Story.

Prize 9: $500 Gift Card
What is good is all this hardware without some spending money for games?

*Winner does not actually win "everything", only the above listed prizes. ;)
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These CAG contests just keep on rolling, don't they? Well, all I can say is..

keep them coming! The community here has been amazing.
Wow this is an amazing contest! Only if you wouldve split the prizes up for more winners, but that one person is going to be extremely happy! Good luck CAG!
I understand the prize is massive but I'd rather it was split. Better to have nine happy CAGs than one person with more stuff than they'd know what to do with. Either way, great contest, thanks.
Guys, this is insane. Thanks a ton for running a contest like this. It's really amazing all the great things you get to giveaway.
Another amazing contest on CAG. One person is gonna shit bricks.

I wonder if anyone would actually take a DSi over a 3DS. Your already getting every console I think I'd hold off for the 3DS.
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