Cheap DC Graphic Novels at Ollie's!

Got over to mine today and they had a bunch of DC, Marvel and other graphic novels.

Picked up Spider-Man/Deadpool Don't Call It A Team-Up for $9.99

Also saw 

Secret Wars Hardback for $14.99

Captain Marvel

Dark Phoenix Saga

Avengers Assemble

Doctor Strange

Avengers: Scarlet Witch

Forget all the prices, some were $3.99, $7.99, $9.99 and $14.99 that I saw.

They've been getting regular shipments in it seems. At least twice a year now if not every quarter. I remember they advertised a new shipment a few weeks/months ago in the flyer but forgot about it until I was over today.

Lots more DC and some Marvel stuff. It looks like whatever movie franchises are doing well is what's selling. Saw a decent bit of Superman/Batman/Justice League stuff. A bunch of one set with a Harley Quinn comic and a plastic face mask of her bundled so they were bulkier and stood out. No real Wonder Woman or Aquaman. Marvel was mostly NOW!. I did find Captain Marvel Stay Fly buried in a row of something else that someone obviously hid there but it was the only copy so yoink.

Stopped in today as it was the last day of their customer appreciation week. (15% off everything). Probably should've posted about that earlier but forgot. (If you sign up for the card and mailing list they send 15% off coupons every few months.)

They had some new comics in, but it didn't look like big amounts of anything in particular just a handful or one or two randoms. Probably the biggest stacks I saw were Marvel ones of Skull the Slayer and Marvel Boy. In DC I saw a Supergirl and some Green Lantern. Also saw one random Preacher.

Also there have been some DC shirts popping up in the clothing section ($3.99 for the most part). Mostly Wonder Woman with a few Superman and others. One of the Wonder Woman shirts was a white one for the movie, marked on it exclusive to one of the Cinemas (Regal I believe). The shirts section is decent for geekdom in general too. Anime, Pokemon, Power Rangers, TMNT, Space Jam, etc. I recommend giving the shirts a once over though. I almost picked up a TMNT shirt but it had a black stain on the arm that looked like ink and I doubt it would've cleaned up. I saw another shirt that had a small hole in the back.

There's an Ollie's in my hometown of Kokomo, IN that I check out when I visit my parents.  Last time I was there, they had a table with thousands of graphic novels, mostly $3.99 each from Marvel, DC, and indies.  They remind me of what Big Lots used to be like in the eighties.

Just found out they have a couple locations near Indianapolis, one in Greenwood and one in Carmel.  I'll have to check out when I'm in the area.

Saw loads of stuff at mine local one yesterday. Here they put out the new stuff on a table with big stacks of the same title. Then the older stuff gets put on a shelf when the stacks dwindle. There were loads of different Deadpool titles. Quite a bit of JLA, Robin and Squirrel Girl. The prices look to have dropped a little too with lots of stuff for $2.99-$3.99.

Also not a huge follower of comics but I did read something the other month about DC and Marvel were both leaving the big publisher (google check says Diamond). So I guess these shipments might be on their last legs or over. Unless Ollie's strikes deals with their new publishers.

Oh and earlier this year I picked up Skrulls Must Die!: The Complete Skrull Kill Krew for $7.99. They had a handful of copies but today when I stopped I didn't see any of them left which I guess isn't surprising. The few 'Complete' collections I saw in previous years tended to be the first to go.

Not sure if it is worth making a new post since it is not Ollie's but digital DC graphic novels are on (an unannounced) sale on Amazon by a good margin.

Most of the major titles are $2.99-$4.99 (down from $15-$25). Sandman, Y The Last Man, Watchmen, Injustice, lots of Batman titles, the different Crisis books (like Final, Infinite or Identity), Superman, DCeased, Preacher, The Killing Joke, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Fables, Blackest Night, Transmetropolitan, Doom Patrol, Flashpoint, JLA, Swamp Thing, and more.

Be sure to search on a title because normally the smaller book is not as good a value as a collected deluxe volume. For example the Y the Last Man trades are $2.99 but a collected version containing two trades is $3.99.

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